Jewelry Worn by Diana, Princess of Wales
In Loving Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales

1961 - 1997


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This website is for everybody who has any interest in all the jewels that Diana, Princess of Wales wore during her lifetime.

This is by no means a comprehensive list since I do not have every picture taken of Diana.  I welcome any additional material (provenance information, better photos) regarding the jewels that she wore.

Please send your information to: help@dianasjewels.net

With your help, it is my hope to catalogue every jewelry that  Diana wore.

With the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, Diana's engagement ring can now be seen on Prince William's future wife.  Information on Diana's engagement ring has been updated to reflect this.

Hopefully, we will see more of Diana's jewelry being worn by the respective wives of her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.  Because I have been watching what other Diana pieces may appear on Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, I have inadvertently started cataloguing jewelry worn by the Duchess since her engagement to Prince William.  I hope you will enjoy this new link as well.

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Updated 25 January 2015: ID of Chanel Pearl Earrings

A VERY BIG THANK YOU for those who have e-mailed me with photos, information and wonderful comments.   I truly appreciate the time you take to help out in this endeavor.

Thanks to Anna N. for providing a close-up of Diana's pearl earrings that I've loved since Diana first wore it.  Her photo allowed me to search and find the earrings.

Jewelry Worn by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge